k3Curriculum overview: Hands-on Learning is our preferred method!

A calendar detailing special events, curriculum themes and skill focus will be sent home monthly.

3-year-olds: Preschool for three-year-olds is a very important time for learning as it may be the first real “school” experience for many. Learning focus will include:

  • following directionsk2
  • appropriate social interactions with peers and adults
  • fostering longer periods of focus and concentration
  • independence, basic identification skills (colors, shapes, etc.)
  • beginning fine motor skills
  • introduction to numbers and letters (just to name a few!)

4 & 5-year-olds:

PreK will put a large amount of focus on Kindergarten readiness with higher expectations and goals. These will include:

  • focusing on and completing more challenging work independently
  • problem-solving
  • handwriting and refining of fine motor skillsk1
  • letter recognition and beginning phonics skills
  • number recognition and concepts
  • understanding of thematic concepts and a better understanding of the world (science, beginning social studies.)

All ages will learn the importance of manners, kindness, and empathy through lessons based on the stories of Jesus and other basic Catholic values, such as the “golden rule.”