Admission Policy

Philosophy of Admission

The mission of St. Nicholas Academy is to assure that quality, affordable Catholic education based on values of Spiritual formation, Nourishment of character, and Academic excellence is available to residents of South Louisville. All students participate fully in the religious program of the school, and SNA offers a variety of programs and opportunities for all students. SNA is committed to outreach efforts to attract culturally diverse student and teacher populations.

Non-discriminatory Policy

St. Nicholas Academy will not discriminate against otherwise qualified applicants on the basis of sex, race, disability, color, nationality, or ethnic origin in the administration of our educational policies, admission policies, or other school administered programs.

Ages of Admission

Children applying for the 3 year old program must be three by August 1st of the current school year to be eligible for the pre-k 3 program.

Children applying for the 4 year old program must be four by August 1st of the current school year to be eligible for the pre-k 4 program.

Children must be five years old by AugustĀ 1 of the current school year in order to be eligible to enter kindergarten for 2021-2022.

Children must be six years old by AugustĀ 1 of the current school year and must have attended a certified kindergarten or comparable preparatory program in order to be eligible to enter first grade.

Priority of Admission

1. Children of Catholic families:

  1. Children from the covenant parishes of Most Blessed Sacrament, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Sts. Simon and Jude and St. Thomas More whose parents are active members of the above parishes;
  2. Children from the above whose family has membership at any of the covenant parishes;
  3. Children from non-covenant parishes with students already enrolled in our program;
  4. Children of new parishioners who are transferring from another Catholic school or from an area where Catholic schools were not available, but who participated fully in the religious education programs offered.

2. Children of non-Catholic Families:

  1. Non-Catholic students may be admitted if, on the basis of personal interview, the school administration judges the intent and motivation to be in accord with the mission and philosophy of St. Nicholas Academy.

Admission of Special Needs Students

Before admitting a student with a diagnosed disability, our school will consider the following:

1. severity and degree of the disability
2. level of support needed from special services
3. special equipment a child may require
4. class size and availability of resources.

Policy Regarding Transfer Students to St. Nicholas Academy

After a personal interview with school administration, a family wishing to transfer a child into St. Nicholas from another institution or from a home-schooling situation must provide the following pertinent information: copies of any psychological evaluations, copies of special needs accommodations made for the child at another school, copies of special medical needs, and an official transcripts from other previous school. Admission to St. Nicholas will be considered probationary until all information is reviewed. No student will be admitted to SNA if an outstanding balance is owed to another school.